Daniel Givens, Designer/Coder

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Through the use of imagination, collaboration and exploration, Daniel Givens crafts dynamic interactive experiences and strong visual identities that are original, engaging and effective.


Daniel is self-taught, driven by learning and creating. In high school he began dabbling with code and spent his summers working at a print shop. By the time he was twenty he already had agency and freelance experience and pursued design as a career. He was able to do all of this by believing in himself and defining his own path.


His approach is simple. With each project, no matter how large or small, the goal is to make an engaging experience that effectively delivers what's most important: the content. By combining systematic and artistic thinking, Daniel is able to cultivate concepts that are striking and clear.


Daniel works with local DIY theatre companies as a tech on performances involving live video mixing, projection design and interactive installations whenever he can. He also enjoys facilitating and participating in karaoke, making music, riding his bike and enjoying the outdoors.


Being a hybrid designer with a grasp for technology enables him to provide a wide array of creative services. From corporate websites to a logo for a new small business, he believes everybody deserves access to good design for good design makes the world a nicer place. He writes code, designs mockups, draws logos, builds websites and does it with love and excitement.


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